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Broadband Services, Cape Town What is VOIP? Fibre Networks, Cape Town


At ConnectAt we strive to offer the best, fastest and most cost-effective broadband internet access.

Our network is designed to provide high speed internet connectivity with very low latency and ample free bandwidth to ensure local access speeds of up to 40 Mb/sec, as well as International Broadband (UK & EU) of 8Mb/sec.

Together with the above, we offer other high quality services: VOIP & Hosting, Data Lines, Live Camera Monitoring
Wireless internet
What is VOIP?
Fibre Networks


Our Networks

Our network consists of a combination of fibre and wireless products. Our interconnect connection is one of the best available.

Our management model is a simple philosophy of max speed, minimal latency.

For clients whose business depends on speed the only limitation is the equipment installed, enabling them to enjoy speeds of over 8 Mb/sec internationally and more than 10 Mb/sec locally, rendering ConnectAt the most cost-effective high speed network available.

To ensure more than 99.5% reliability, we do regular maintenance and upgrades on our network, deploying top quality products.



High Speed Internet (Fibre) in Kenridge & Tyger Valley Waterfront

ConNectAt is introducing their new high speed, fibre optic internet and services the Kenridge and Tyger Valley Waterfront area.

As from 1 May 2014 ConnectAt will be able to... Read More
New Wireless Tower in Strand

A new high speed wireless connection is now operational in the Strand.

This unique site provides new un-contended / un-contested connection to clients - providing good speed, low latency... Read More
High Speed Fibre Diep Rivier

ConnectAt is currently expanding our fibre network infrastructure at Diep rivier. The benefits of optical fibre are:
Low cost infrastructure Low capital outlay
99.95 % Up-time Complete Service Best Value for your Rand Very... Read More