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  • Do not compare our speeds with ADSL
  • Our lines are un-shaped
  • Our data lines are un-contended
  • Our Data lines are High Speed low latency
  • No other lines infrastructure required
  • Let us do high speed downloads for you.


When we look at the current definition of Broadband in South Africa, broadband is defined as any speed above 12.8 characters per second. 12.8 Characters per second translate to 128k b/sec.

We take a different view of broadband and classify broadband as not less than 4Mb/sec or 4000 characters per second.
We have divided our speed into three basic groups:

  1. Basic but not slow        
  2. High Speed and dedicated
  3. Fibre where available

The basic speed package is where a client's speed is restricted to 4 Mb/sec. The speed is only restricted for download and upload and does not affect browsing speeds.

High Speed

With this product there are no restrictions. Clients can have multiple sessions and high speed uploads and downloads.


Where fibre is available we will have two lines available:

  1. 100 Mb/sec
  2. Up to 1Gb/sec