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megaphone.jpg High Speed Internet (Fibre) in Kenridge & Tyger Valley Waterfront
By: Erastus Coetzee   (2014-04-10)

ConNectAt is introducing their new high speed, fibre optic internet and services the Kenridge and Tyger Valley Waterfront area.

As from 1 May 2014 ConnectAt will be able to provide the following services to home and business owners:

- 100MB fibre line
- VOIP services

In conjunction with C-Install the following services will be available:

1. Real time camera monitoring
2. Alarm monitoring
3. Armed response
4. Advanced warning

The fibre line to the premises will be a standard 100M fibre line.  All data for camera, alarm monitoring will be free. All clients who wish to will be directly connected to a 24hr/365 control room from where the cameras will be monitored.  In the case where there is any suspicious activity the client will be informed immediately and we will have the ability to send our guards to investigate before any intruders enter the premises. The control room will also be able to remotely switch on lights thereby indicating to the intruders that they are been monitored.

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