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wireless_internet_tower_strand_400.jpg New Wireless Tower in Strand
By: Erastus Coetzee   (2013-12-12)

A new high speed wireless connection is now operational in the Strand.

This unique site provides new un-contended / un-contested connection to clients - providing good speed, low latency and very good telephone connections.

Connections are possible from Gordons Bay to Macassar.

While ConnectAt is still finalising the new generation network provisional supply is very good. Once completed, fully operational and in service we are expecting speeds on local networks of up to 20 Mb/sec down load and 20 Mb/sec upload. With an international down load speed of more than 15Mb/sec  down load and 5 Mb/sec upload.

This provides unequaled value for money and data speeds at extreme favorable pricing.