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Top Ups

Each connection includes a telephone line (T&C)


The following table is a guide only and prices may vary.

Data Costs

Line Speeds (Up/Down) Basic
4 mbps
High Speed
4 - 15 mbps
15 mbps
3 GB R200.00 R260.00 R260.00
5 GB R300.00 R390.00 R390.00
10 GB R450.00 R585.00 R585.00
15 GB R650.00 R800.00 R800.00
20 GB R800.00 R1040.00 R1040.00
30 GB R1100.00 R1430.00 R1430.00
40 GB R1400.00 R1820.00 R1820.00
50 GB R1700.00 R2210.00 R2210.00

*All data package prices include line rental


Installation & other costs

  • Basic installation costs R2635.00
  • This includes our basic radio, 20 meter of cable and up to 2 hours of labour
  • Any upgraded radios, antennas, non-penetrating roof mounts, mast, etc. are not included
  • Clients with more than one computer can supply their own router/switch (must be available on installation day)
  • ConnectAt can supply its own Routers (Office/Home-Router) which are available for resale at R475.00 each


Pay ments

  • EFT payments must be completed before the third day of the month, to avoid late fees and penalties.
  • All prices are ex VAT.